Launch Details!

18 03 2009

I will be launching the first book in The Jewel Keepers Trilogy during the Chorlton Arts Festival (16th-22nd May).

The date of this exciting event is Monday the 18th May at 8pm in the Lloyds, 617 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9AN. We will be in the upstairs room. In case you don’t know Chorlton very well, here is a link to where we will be

There will be soft drinks available and wine for those who would like some, and nibbles to eat. There’ll also be the chance to meet people and ask questions. Oh and of course, I shall be giving a reading and signing books.

I will be talking to schools from May onwards and have some availability to come into class rooms to talk about the novel and answer questions. I am very used to working in class room settings; giving talks and running workshops for young people is partly what I do for a living. If you are a teacher, librarian or work in education and would like to invite me, then just ask me. You can do this via the website.

The Jewel Keepers trilogy is cross over fiction, so whether you are young, old or even in the middle, do pop along on the 18th May at 8pm. I would love to see you there!

Albion to be published soon

23 02 2009

Book One: Albion

Why does Katie have strange things happening to her? Katie McIntyre is 13 years old, hears animals talk, sees strange lights floating above people’s heads and recently an apparition of a Celtic fortress in her back garden. Then there was the coin inside the fortress, inscribed in ancient lettering, glittering red gold and bright. Katie’s Nana, old and mentally unstable, insists that Katie is a Keeper of a magical Jewel that once held the key between the world of the Gods and the world of Humanity. Katie’s destiny is to find the lost Jewel and bring it home.

In another time, centuries apart from modern Britain, another young girl is searching for her destiny. Mortunda, Princess of the Brigante Tribe is destined to be Queen. Yet she feels a different calling – that of the Doeth Seronydd, Albion’s order of Seers and wisdom bringers. But with the threat of Roman invasion growing daily, is it the right decision for Mortunda? Lastly why is it that on the return to Mona they are followed by dark sinister forces bent on retrieving the object that Lovernicus, leader of the Seronydd, guards with his very life.

The first in the trilogy, Albion is a Celtic Holy Grail story that takes the reader from modern day Britain to Celtic Albion and beyond.