The New Book

25 07 2010

Well it is coming along nicely as they say!

The second book is much bigger than the first book. I am using the three part act structure which means the middle part of the story is double the length of the beginning and the end.

I want to apologise for the book taking so long. There is a reason for this. I manage my own company – we deliver counselling services on line, and this last 18 months has been very busy indeed. It has meant that some days I have been too exhausted to write. However I now have a new routine which sees me spending almost all of my weekends writing and this seems to be working well. It means, of course, that I have a pretty limited social life – a glass of wine with a mate on a Friday and the odd, very odd, weekend away. But hey, spending time in Mona with Lovernicus and Mortunda, and catching up with Katie and Patrick, is far more fun than the real world.

I will let you know how I get on.

Many thanks




One response

5 08 2010

leah is constantly asking me if this book has been published yet lol

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